Crochet Basket Pattern

I figured it was time for a crochet pattern! I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately and needed to mix it up a little. I’m always drawn to crochet and knitted stuff for the home; baskets, washcloths, poof stools, you name it. Be sure to check back because I’ll be having some more of these types of patterns for you in the weeks to come.


I made my basket using Lion Brand Nature’s Choice because I had a ton of it. I didn’t realize it had been discontinued. According to Lion Brands website they suggest substituting with a 4 weight (worsted weight) cotton yarn. Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton might serve as a good substitution. When in doubt check your gauge and you will be fine. The basket is made holding two strands together so you would do the same with whatever yarn you choose to substitute with. You will be working with a smaller hook than you typically would with this weight of yarn but we want to create a stiff fabric so the basket won’t be floppy.


Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: 2 balls of color a, 2 balls of color b


Scissors, tapestry needle


US J-5.75mm


10 sc = 4”


Hdc- half double crochet

Ch- chain



Sc- single crochet

Rnd- round

Slst- slip stitch


Chain sts at the beginning of rounds do not count as hdc or sc

Crochet bowl base

With 2 strands of color A held together make a magic ring

If you are not sure how to make a magic ring/circle the beginning of the video below will show you this step.

Ch2. Hdc crochet 10 times into ring join to first hdc with slst

Rnd 2: Ch 2. Work 2 Hdc in same st as ch 2. Hdc 2 times in each st all the way around (20sts)

Rnd 3: Ch 2. * Work 2 Hdc in same st as ch 2, sc next st. *2 hdc in one st, sc 1 in next st, repeat to end join with slst.

Rnd 4: Ch2. 2hdc in same st, sc into the next 2 sts. Repeat all the way around. Join rnd with slst.

Rnd 5: Ch2. 2hdc in same st, sc into the next 3 sts. Repeat all the way around. Join rnd with slst.

Rnd 6: ch1 2hdc in same st, sc into next 4 sts. Repeat all the way around. Join rnd with slst.

Ch 1. Sc into 3rd loop of 1st hdc st and all the way around.

This creates a base for your basket.


Top of basket

Ch1. Sc all the way around for 7 rounds joining with a slip stitch and beginning the next round in the same stitch.

Change to color B, sc for 2 rounds

To make handles

Ch 1. Sc 11, ch9, skip 7 sc sts, sc 23 sts, ch9, skip 7 sc sts, sc 12 sts, join.

Sc all the way around When you come to the handle sc 9 sts into the chain space and not the actual chain.

Last round:

Slip stitch all the way around, join round and tie off.


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