Free Knitting Pattern: Knitted Dishcloth Pattern Diagonal Dishcloth

dishcloth knitting pattern free knitting pattern

I am excited to share with you this new knitted dishcloth pattern! Hand knit dishcloths are my absolute favorite dishcloths. They have more grab to them for cleaning dishes and counters. In addition, these dishcloths are surprisingly soft if you would like to use it as a washcloth for your body.

knitted dishcloth pattern free knitting pattern

The holidays are coming up quickly. Who doesn’t love getting handmade gifts? Put together a spa set with these washcloths and give it as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving or a Christmas gift.

knitted dishcloth pattern free

This dishcloth pattern is a little different because you don’t have to cast on a ton of stitches in the beginning. You make the stitches as you go along. It’s a great pattern for beginners in that it only uses a garter stitch (all knit stitches, yay!) and very basic increases and decreases. The pattern tells you when to change colors for a 2 toned dishcloth. But you can also make it a solid color by just continuing on with the yarn you’re using.


k2tog- knit two stitches together
kfbl-knit front and back loop

My guide and free printable of basic knitting abbreviations


US 7 needles
Color A, color B
100% cotton yarn – I used Bernat handicrafter

Blunt needle for weaving in ends

Finished size is approximately 8″ x 8″


16 sts = 4 inches
Gauge is not super important

Knitted Dishcloth Pattern

Make slip knot
Row 1: Kfbl
Row 2: Kfbl, k1
Row 3: kfbl, k2

Continue kfbl on the first stitch of each row for a total of 42 rows

Row 43: with color B kfbl, knit across
Row 44: kfbl, knit across row
Row 45: k2tog, knit across row
Row 46: k2tog, knit across row

Continue k2tog decrease on the first stitch of each row until 1 stitch remains.
Tie off
weave in ends
block to ensure square dimensions

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