Free Minion Hat Knitting Pattern

free minion hat knitting pattern

Free Knit Minion Hat Pattern1


Who doesn’t love Minions? There are lots of really awesome Minion Hat patterns available. I designed this one as a knit hat because I found that most of the patterns out there are crochet or at least have some crochet in them. This pattern is all knit, even the eye!! Right now I’ve only tested the child size that I knit for my son but I will have more sizes up soon. Enjoy!

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A-Red Heart yarn Deft Blue
B-Red Heart yarn Yellow
C-Red Heart yarn Black
Red Heart-Black
Red Heart-White
Red Heart with love-Pewter
Red Heart Soft-Chocolate


Size 8 DPN

Find your supplies here

Gauge: 18sts x 22 rows = 4”x4”

With Yarn A cast on 84 sts. Divide evenly across needles. Place marker

Rnds 1-7: K2 p2
Rnd 8-17: Change to yarn B and continue in stockinette st
Rnds 18-22: change to yarn C
Rnd 23: change back to yarn B, continue in stockinette until hat measures about 5.5”

R1: k10, k2tog
R2: knit
R3: k9, k2tog
R4: knit
R5: k8, k2tog
R6: knit
R7: k7, k2tog
R8: knit
R9: k6, k2tog
R10: knit
R11: k5, k2tog
R12: k4, k2tog
R13: k3, k2tog
R14: k2, k2tog

Cut yarn leaving a long tail
using a yarn needle thread tail through remaining stitiches, pull tight and finish off
weave in ends


I made some changes to the eye that I think makes it look a little better.

Cast on 6 with black yarn place maker and join and work in the round

R1: Purl
R2: kfb in every stitch (12)

Change to Brown Yarn

R3: Purl
R4: K
R5: P
R6: K

Change to White Yarn
R7: P
R8: Kfb in every stitch (24)
R9: P
R10: K
R11: P
R12: K

Change to Grey Yarn
R13: P
R14: Kfb in every stitch (48)

Bind off purlwise

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  1. Hi there…thanks so much for posting the knitted version of this hat…was wondering the approximate age that this was based on…thanks so much… 🙂

  2. I love that this pattern is all knit! Thank you for sharing. What skill level would you consider this pattern?
    Also, would it fit a 9 year old boy- head measurement circumference 20.5 inches? Thank you.

  3. Cute pattern. Thanks for making it available. I noticed a couple of difference between the pattern & the photo that you may have already identified…1 – Once the yellow yarn is joined, the pattern states “Knit rows 7-10” but the photo shows ~ 10 knit rows. 2 – The eyeball is stockinette stitch in the photo but alternating knit and purl rows in the round yields garter stitch. I like the contrasting texture of the garter stitch so went with written instructions.

    1. Thank you for catching that! I corrected it. As for the eye, I actually made 2 styles one was for an evil minion hat I haven’t posted yet, but you are right I prefer the garter stitch eye. That’s why I included the instructions for that one 🙂 thanks for the feedback

  4. Hi Shauna – I knitted this hat in one night. Thank you, for the pattern. Could you please make a Minion hat for young adults or teens? This is perfect for the child and I even made it for a one year (I will have them wear it over a hoodie and grow into it). Did you use wood needles? Thank you again. Diane

  5. Happpy, Healthy & Peaceful New Year?
    Just love the Minion Hat. Already made 2 for grandchildren.
    Wondering if you have a pattern for a Scarf. Couldn’t find one on line.
    Thank you

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