Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern – Free!

EASY crochet baby blanketbaby blanket

This is a super fast and easy free crochet baby blanket pattern. A few months ago I crocheted a chevron throw using the Bernat Blanket yarn. Everyone in the house fights over this throw because it is so soft and warm. The yarn has held up really well through tons of washings. When it came time make a blanket for a friend’s baby shower I knew I wanted to use the same yarn. I looked through lots and lots of patterns, they were all very pretty but mostly involved some type of open crochet pattern that would leave holes in the final blanket. I wanted this blanket to be less decorative and more functional and warm so I chose to make up this blanket using only single crochet.

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Color A-2 Bernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn, Sailors Delight

Color B- 1 Bernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn, Vintage White

Hook: P (15mm) Lion Brand Yarn Crochet Hooks, Set of 3

With color A ch 50
Row 1 sc all ch stitches
Continue in sc for 52 rows
finish off

With color B join yarn and single crochet border around blanket join to first sc with a sl st and finish off

Finished size of this blanket is 30×32″

free easy crochet baby blanket pattern

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  1. I am pretty new to crocheting. In other patterns I have done you chain up and turn the pattern for the next ronw. Do you chain up at all for this pattern?

    Thank you,

  2. Just finished another baby blanket for my mail carrier. Used crazy shell, aka brick stitch, but wish I had seen yours first. Will be next on my list. I love the Bernat Blanket yarn.

    1. Hi! I modified a baby blanket pattern a little to make a full size throw. I will dig it out and let you know the name of it. Also I will add a photo on my instagram of the blanket 🙂 instagram id: twistedfibersdesigns

  3. Question because this would be my first project, do you make a chain first before you start the single crochet? Or do you just start off with the single without making a chain first? Secondly I am really bad about pulling my stitches way to tight do you have any tips for avoiding that it’s a little frustrating I don’t know why I keep doing it.

    1. Hi Amber! You are going to make a chain of 50 before you start on the single crochet. Sometimes I crochet to tight also, and it helps if I remind myself not to pull on the yarn tail after making a stitch. You can also try going up to a bigger size hook if your work is turning out to small or puckered 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissy! This is just a guess because I have not made a throw size but I would say maybe chain 100 and make 120 rows and you would probably need 5 skeins of yarn.

  4. Thank you for this pattern! My friend is due in the spring and I cannot wait to make this for her. I’m going tomorrow to get the yarn. 🙂 I was also wondering about making an adult size too. I noticed you mentioned maybe needing 5 skeins of yarn. Would this include yarn for the edging too? I’d love to make a big one too! Thank you!

  5. What size crochet hook should I use? The pattern says P (15 mm). But I’ve only been able to find sizes P (10 mm) or P-16 (11.5 mm.)

    Thank you!

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