Face Scrubbie Pattern

UPDATE: I’m hoping that I got all the broken links fixed for everyone who was trying to find this pattern 🙂

This is a really simple idea for a gift or a great item to have around the house. These can be used as a nice reusable face scrubbie or even a coaster.

Size 7 DPN needles

Cast on 6 place maker and join and work in the round
R1: Purl
R2: kfb in every stitch (12)
R3: Purl
R4: K
R5: P
R6: K
R7: P
R8: Kfb in every stitch (24)
R9: P
R10: K
R11: P
R12: K
R13: P
R14: Kfb in every stitch (48)
R15: P
R16: K
R17: P
Bind off

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