In my last post on yarn weights, I wrote about the newest category, #7 Jumbo which includes roving yarn. Some of you may be wondering what roving is. Today, I thought I would explain just what roving is. Having spent any amount of time on Pinterest, you have more […]

What is Roving?   Recently updated!

understanding yarn labels
Understanding yarn weights is an important part of learning to knit or crochet and have your projects turn out the way you want them to. I remember when I first learned to knit, going to the yarn aisle at the craft store and picking out all kinds of pretty yarns […]

Beginner Knitting: Yarn Weights Guide   Recently updated!

Beginner knit stitch lesson: Double seed stitch. Double seed stitch is sometimes referred to as double moss stitch. Both are correct! Seed is usually used as an American term whereas moss is used more often as British term. Whichever one you like to call it, you will be making the […]

Beginner Knit Stitch Tutorial:: Double Seed Stitch

twisted stockinette stitch
Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. For more information click here. TWISTED STOCKINETTE STITCH Skill level– Easy By now you’ve learned the basics of knit and purl and have probably learned stockinette stitch. Now its time to expand your stitch knowledge to create twisted stockinette stitch. twisted stockinette stitch gives […]

Beginner Knitting Lesson With Video: Twisted Stockinette Stitch

slip slip knit decrease stitch
DECREASES: SLIP SLIP KNIT Slip slip knit (ssk) is a knitting decrease used to decrease the number of stitches you are knitting with; useful when shaping garments and making hats. Ssk is a left leaning decrease which means your finished stitch will slant to the left.   Instructions: Slip st […]

Knitting Lesson With Video: Slip Slip Knit: SSK Knitting Decrease

Knit two together (k2tog) is a knitting decrease used in reducing the number of working stitches on your needle.You can use a k2tog stitch for shaping your garment. Knitting two together is one of the easiest basic decreases for you to learn. Just remember that knitting two together creates a […]

Knitting Decrease With Video: Knit Two Together (k2tog)

Seed stitch knitting lesson
SEED STITCH: This stitch is sometimes referred to as seed or moss stitch. It creates a nice pattern without a lot of effort. The good thing about seed stitch is that it is a double-sided stitch pattern. So if you are working on a project that you are going to […]

Knit Stitches With Video: Seed Stitch Lesson for Knitting Beginners

Stockinette Stitch
  STOCKINETTE STITCH First up in the new series of stitch guide videos is stockinette stitch. It is one of the very basic stitches to get you started but still very useful; stockinette is found in so many patterns.   Instructions: Can be worked on any number of stitches Row […]

Learning to Knit: Stockinette Stitch

Common Knitting Abbreviations
  Whether you’re new to knitting or a have been knitting for a long time, remembering all of the abbreviations that come up in a knitting pattern can be hard at times. I created a master “cheat sheet” to use as a reference when decoding a new pattern or even […]

Knitting Abbreviations and Free Printable

rustic farmhouse style baby blanket- free knitting pattern
There is really nothing better than a soft cozy blanket, especially for baby. I have mentioned before how much my entire family loves the throw I made with the Bernat Blanket yarn, because it is that nice to snuggle in. I am also currently obsessed with the HGTV Show Fixer […]

Rustic Farmhouse Baby Blanket Pattern

Yarn winder review 2
Disclaimer: This is an honest review of a product I purchased myself. I did not receive any product or compensation for writing this post I have been knitting for more than 10 years now and I’ve finally decided I’ve had enough and it was time to buy a yarn winder. […]

Loops & Threads Yarn Winder Review

team spirit striped scarf pattern
This Team spirit striped scarf is fun and easy to make. I’m here in Ohio so I chose to make my scarf in Ohio State colors but you can use any colors you like; high school, college, professional team or any nice color combo if you don’t like sports. This […]

Easy Crochet Striped Team Spirit Scarf

Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern
  Here is a free baby hat knitting pattern that it so soft and fun and easy to make. This knitted baby hat makes a great gift because it’s so cozy and since its made with a chunky yarn the baby hat works up really fast; perfect project for a […]

Baby Hat Knitting Pattern Free